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Tum Sodanch Zai Mhaka (I always want you)

Tum Sodanch Zai Mhaka

Tum Sodanch Zai Mhaka, A gentle konkani love song or wedding special of devotion and dedication

credit to : Marshon Fernandes

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Jivit mhojem, eksurem koxem

My existence was as unmarried single

Mog zait mhonnun, chintunk naslem

falling in love, I did not foresee

Tunven mhojem, mon bodol’lem.

you have changed my mind

Jednam poilench pautt tuka dekhlem

when I saw you for the first time

Kalliz mhojem sarkench pisovlem

My heart was totally smitten


Moga mhojea anjea

Tum sodanch zai mhaka

Love, my angel, I need you always

Vengent tuje tum dhor mhaka

Sanddun mhaka vochom naka

Hold me in your embrace, do not forsake me

Mog tuzo, zalo mhaka

Khuinsorui vochon, sodtam tuka.

I have fallen in love for you

wherever I go, search for you.

Tuje vinnem, kainch ek naka

Without you, I do not want anything

Mog mhozo kortai, mhonn sang mhaka

If you love me too, let me know

Sodanch mog tuzo kortolom

I will always love you

Tuji saulli koxi ravtolom

I will live in the corner of your shadow



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