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Tum Mojem (You're mine)

Tum Mojem

Tum Mojem .A lovesome Konkani duet and very popular among the new gen.

credit to Neil Frazier singers/Cast: Neil Frazier/ Michelle Fernandes

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


He: ... Tuka poliaruch kotkota zaunchan naka


Mhojean ravunk zaina dis na thor maka..

Dolleani mhojea chintum vavta dukan

I cannot live without seeing you, thinking of you tears flow from my eyes


collegiek ami vettana podlim dogaim mogan

dia ani dis e mogache urba danvta ei angan

when we were in college, we fell in love

day and night , love gnaws in my body


aize passon moganbavtam ravunk nah ragan

mog amcho korchu nhiu uzachea fogan

Till now were still walk in love, never smother it in fire


tunch mhojem sukh , tunch mohen dukh dusrem konn nah

mogache bhavna ei kallzak madtam uddtam

You are my joy and my pain there is no one else


Tujoch ugdas ratche nid podna

Thoughts of you spent in sleepless nights

dis mezun hanv ravtam ekvott zatolo kedna

counting the days when we'll truly be One

mummy daddy tuji kobor, martele lassun

my parents we'll be enraged, if they hear the news

poi, tujeach mogak lagun sogglem getelim sosson

Look, for your sake I'll suffer all

He :

Dhilolo juramnet sambavlo hanvem aiz passun

Tum bienaka hanv kortolom mhojea mummy daddy che sun

the vows I have given, I 've remained faithful even now

do not afraid, I will make my Mummy's , daddy's daughter in law



Romeo Julieta bassin zaunchim amchim kanni

vavurtolo jivit borun fullani

Let our story be like Romeo and Juliet and

I'll work for it fully

she :

Koruch tum mhojea kallzacho Dhoni

Truly , you are the Lord of my heart

tum yea kallzachi Raja ani hanv tuji rani

You're the king of my heart and I am your queen


kazar zatoch purean mog kortolo koro

even after marriage I'll love you true

visrunk zaunchim nah mog kella koro

I will not forget our true love


tunch mhojea kallzache alaxiro

You are my hearts comfort

devan amche chitnalelim chitnam shanti pavlear puro

Our Lord may fulfill our deepest thoughts and our aspiration


la la la la la la ...............

Tum Mojem


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