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Tum Mhozo Somi ( you're my Lord)

Tum Mhozo Somi

Tum Mhozo Somi ( you're my Lord) An soulful hymn to our Lord, of faith and thanksgiving with a English backdrop. Hymn Vocalist & Credit: Gladrin Fernandes.

hymn Lyrics with translation for global audience, id will load in few secs.



somia somia Jezu

Lord Lord Jesus

argham tuka mhoima tuka

thanksgiving and glory to you

tum mhozo somi ani sorvondhar

You are my Lord and saviour

tujerich sogglo mhozo visvas

on you rest all my faith

dillam mhaka sukh and denna

you gave me peace and graces

Nhui tem mhojem fokot tujem

Its not mine, but yours alone


vait vingenatlo mhaka nivertai

you save me from my faults and wrongs

Mhoiman cholluen maka shikoita

you teach me to tread the path of true glory

ullo tuka malear lokdoch Kann ditta

if I call you you answer immediately

kallokan soddu nhai uzvaddane adhtai

you do not leave me in darkness, bring me in light


Jezu tuzo oslo dusro ani Nah

Jesus there is no one like you

tum mhojxim astana konnakui Bhienna

When you're with me, I fear nobody

Tum Mhozo Dev ani adhar

You are my God and my help

tujeruch pattauen choltallin fuddam

With trust in you I walk ahead



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