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Tum Ani hanv ( Just you and me)

Tum Ani Hanv

Tum Ani hanv (Just you and me) a gem of Goan wedding special imbued with all the love for each other, through thick and thin.

Cast: Alison Florence Rodrigues & Frenzie Vito Rodrigues Vocalist cover: Velery Da Costa Original vocalist: Lulu Fortes Credit: Joel& Jude.

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Dogai Tum Ani Hanv Mogan podlim

Both of us You and me fell in love

 Sasnak sangat divun kazar zalim

to be together for eternity, we married

Doshi aslim kalzam ektaim kelim

Hearts that were apart became One

Bhurgim amche zavun zalim vhodlim

our children born to us, have all grown up



Kalzache kholaien Mhojea mogacho thav mevchona

In the depths of my heart you will not see the bottom of my love

 Nodor podlea vinea Tujear Mhojea anjea Dis mhozo sarona

Without my gaze on you, not a day will pass by

 Sokanim rag ailear Sanz zata mhutlear rag urona

If we get angry in the morning by evening our anger will disappear

Viz pasun podlear Kede tufan ailear

If Lightening strikes or Howsoever great the storm

Mog une zavchona

Our love will not lessen

Tuka oshear zalear Vatt poloiet ravtam

If you're late, I'll be on the lookout

Sukh dukh tuje Vantuk ashetam

I want to share your joys and sorrows

Tuka ravun ravun Upashi nhidtam

Waiting for you I will sleep in hunger

Yetoch gopant ghetoch Khoshi zatam  

when you come and hold you in my embrace, I'll be happy


Sobit tujea Gunn mol korunk zaina

your beautiful virtues cannot be estimated

 Tujea kallza sarke Ani dusrem na 

like your heart there is no else

 Sogllo Sovsar bodlot Tum bodolche na

If the whole world changes, you will not change

 Visvasache bunaid kednach halchi na

The foundation of trust will not be shaken



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