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Traditional Goan beef Stew

Traditional Goan beef Stew

Traditional Goan beef Stew, by Jevon randh (cook food),love his greeting " Hello Goenkara" calling out our bros, I have tried his recipe, It taste awesome.. I will jot down, the ingredients. He talks native konkani and very authentic . If you don't understand konkani there are English subtitles to guide you through the steps for cooking our favorites dish.

Courtesy: Jevon Randh.



!/2 kg of beef and Pork

cut into small pieces

200 gms of macaroni

200 gms of green peas

1/2 kg of Potatoes

2 Onions.

2 carrots

80 gms Butter

2 tomatoes

2 chicken maggi cubes., 7 garlic flakes, ginger , 1 cinnamon sticks , peppercorns, cloves


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