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Poilo dance(The first dance)

Poilo dance, the bride sings of dream come true. love that dances, love that sings, love that binds, in her joy the bride sings

to her husband, enchanting to watch love sing and dance

St. Paul in the "hymn of love", hit the right notes

Courtesy : Estevan & Patricia D'mello

Poillo dance aiz Moga voh

tukhodhe nachtaem

The first dance my love I am dancing with you

Eian mojhem jivit aiz thaen tukach bettoitaem

This life of mine from now on, I dedicate to you

Ekvott amcho zallo munh devakh arghaem ditha

I give praise to God for our Union

Aiz chaen sasnakh moga hanv tujechem zatta

From now I became yours forever

Poise Khorea vhaite chitnaem ani sentimente

Let keep away bad thoughts and sentiments

Althara mukhar Hatak dorun dillo zurament

Before altar holding hands , we made our vows

Igorechea bukhar borilloh tho testament

We signed our testament in the wedding register in the church

Jesun godllolho ami zodllo satvo sacrament

What Jesus had instituted we fulfilled our seventh sacrament

........more to follow

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