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Te Amo Konkani love ballad

Te Amo Konkani love ballad

Te Amo (Love you) A fast paced Konkani love ballad

with lively music and English scenery as a backdrop Cast: Myron Shawn Correia & Kimberley de Araujo

Vocalist: Myron Shawn Correia.

lyrics with English translation for global audience , vid will load in few secs.


poilech nodrek ek cheddum mhonan gellam

at first sight this girl gripped my mind

tachea mogan hanv sarko zallo pisso

in love with I was totally crazy

soddanch asheon hanv ravtallon

always craved for her

takach hanv sangtolo munhe

I wanted to tell her

mog kortalam munnhe tacho

that I am in love with her


sodanch deva lagin hanv magtalom

I used to pray always to God

mog zalear puro mhunne amcho dogaincho

that I love will come true for two of us


mogan tujea zallo pisso

I am in crazy in love with you

ontar tujea sodanch hanso

always a smile on your lips

sagonkak hanv ...........

wanted to tell you

mog kortam mhunne tuzo

that I am in love with you

kedanch visorcho nam, poilo mog amcho

I will never forget our first love

soddanch ossoch gutt urtolo dogaincho

always remain the same the secret of ours

mogan koslim tufana ailear passun sangatan fuddo korcho

when the storms comes our way we'll fight together

adhar gevun devacho

with God's help

sodanch dogaim ami mogan bhovinchim

we'll always wander through life together

ekamaka ami visvaxi rauchim

remain faithful to each other

chintlelim chintna amchim puri korchim

Our dreams and plans we'll make it come true

ek novo ghorabo fudarak korun adchim

We 'll bring forth a new household


voi tum mhojea mogachem, voddlea apurbaechem

yes you are my love, warm hearted and dear

sodtam tujea gharache rani tum rani mhojea kallzache

you will be the queen of my heart

sobit dennah tum maka dillam Devan

a lovely gift given to me by God

sambautolom tuka dorun gopan

I will guard you in my embrace

jivit mhojem zai sarrunk tujea sangatan

I want to spend my life in your company

soddanch hanv magtam mhojea rozzaran

I always plead in my prayers

Doxi korunch sodttelim maim, bienaka hath de mhojea hatat

my folks will try to separate us, do not be afraid, hold my hand

nirmila tuka mhojea noxibant voronk zaunchneam konnachien

you've been destined for me , nobody can take you away

kalliz tuka bettoliem uttranim mhojean sangunk zaunche nam

I have dedicated my heart to you I cannot express I words

sodanch ravtolo visvaxi kortolo tuka dadoshi

I will always remain faithful and will make you happy

hanv raja and moga tum rani mhoje

I am your king and your are my queen

soddun vacchona ghalea dori laglea tuzea mogachi

I will not walk away leaving you, the knot is tied of your love.


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