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St Joseph Vaz

St. Joseph Vaz

Saint, our own from my land, Now the apostle of Sri Lanka( formerly Ceylon).Jan 16th is the feast day, pray and intercede for us in the company of our Lord.

In a faraway land, formerly Ceylon now Sri Lanka. he reinvigorated a faith that was almost extinguished under the tough strictures of the Calvinist who detested the One true, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith. the warm embers that others labored and toiled in His vineyard in Goa.

yes, the seed was planted in our land some 500 years ago or more and the seed blossomed into a tree. its million leaves iridescent and suffused by this beautiful faith, as we bear witness wherever we go, whatever be our fate and though we stumble and fall, we can gaze upon that rugged cross, on the One who bore our transgressions and walk again freely for another mile, till its journey's end, and time to go home.

Pax Christi , happy feast!!


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