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Hymn to Blessed St Joseph Vaz,

St. Joseph Vaz

Hymn to blessed St. Joseph Vaz, Zuze Vasa, Amchea Bhava Our Brother, He is the finest expression of our faith and its revival in Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon under dire circumstances and strictures of the Calvinist.

Zuze Vasa, Amchea Bhava Original Lyircs and composer : Vasco do Rego, S.J. Vocalist : Voller DCosta

hymn Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


Mhoimevont zal´lea amchea Bhava,

You have become praiseworthy our Brother,

vinoiteank tuji mozot pavoi;

extend your help to the pious;

sakxi diunk Jezuk, bhavart posrunk

to witness Jesus, to spread the faith,

hurben bhôr amkam, amkam zagoi!

fill us with fervor, and keep us alert!


Zuze Vasa, amchea Bhava,

Joseph Vaz, our Brother,

tujê pasot argham mhoime mhoime

We give praise to you!

Bapak, Jezuk, Povitr Atmeak

to the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

argham mhoima sassnak sassnak

we give thanks and offer praise!


Mannkulea Gôyant zolma ailoi,

You came to be born in our loving Goa,

khotkhotit kristi ghorant vaddloi,

in a large house burning with love for Christ,

gineanan huxar, kallzan udar,

with a sharp mind and generous heart,

visvaxi khalto iadnik zaloi.

you became a faithful, humble priest.


St Joseph Vaz


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