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Sopna Purim Zalim (dreams fulfilled)

Sopna Purim Zalim

Sopna Purim Zalim ( dreams fulfilled) A wedding special for Cancios & Samantha to grace their Blissful day. A heart warming lyrics set to the fine music.Vocalist: Marcidon Azavedo, Joylita Silveira

Credit: Messi's Music world.

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


stellacher .. poitoch tuka sopon purim zalem

To see in your wedding gown, my dreams came true

ghor soddun bhair sodtana khuxalkain khalliz rodlem

leaving home behind to step outside, my heart wept in joy

tum moga mhojea jivatan Devan dillen, mogachem dennem

you my love my Life's God given, gift of Love

Aiz tuka mhojea gopant dorunk edlaim vodllemm bhag maka mevlem

to hold you in my arms, was a great felicity I have received


Don khalzan sodanch ashetalim gopant dorun sassanak ek zaun magtalim

two hearts always ached to be in each others arms, prayed to be One eternally

Aichan Rai tuzo ani tuzo mhoje rani Khuxakaiche sopna purim zallim

From today I am your kings and you're my queen, dreams of happiness have come true

Mogacho uzvadd fankla khuxalkain jiv dadhosla

Love dispersed its fragrance and Life is contented in happiness

Fudar amcho korun boro visvaxi ravea ekamekak

for our bright future, lets remain faithful to each other

utrache gallun modi altara mukar bhas dillea tuka

putting the ring in your finger in front of the altar, I gave you my word

morosor tuzo sangat zai, etlench puro ani kai naka

till I die I want your intimacy alone and nothing else

tum mhojo maka morosor voh sonvsar fokot tum zai mhojea dollean mukar

you are mine till I die, in this life, you are the only I need before my eyes

tujea sangatan kortalim fuddar fokot tujem nhav gaita mhojea khallzar

In your intimacy I will make my future, you name shines before my eyes



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