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Sodchona (Never leave you)


Sodchona (Never leave you) An invigorating love music ballad with backdrop of breathtaking English terrain. Sure, to appeal the new gen around the world.

Credit: Cyrus Berne and his team

Lyrics with English translation for Global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Tu ashtana mojea gopant maka borem dista go.. maka borem dista go

When you're in my embrace, it feels good...... it feels good

aikonk yeta mhoji mogachi tuka asha

Can you feel/hear my love's desire


yeta sodun soglle mojem vengen tujea

coming, leaving everything behind, to be your arms

gopan dorun palloi kallzachi asha

hold me in your embrace and quench my hearts desire

rav tu sodanch kuin gho vochu naka

you remain here never go anywhere else

asot thor ho jive mhojo

as long as I live

tukach vavurtolo tuzoch soddanch hanv ashtolo

I will work for you, I will always remain\for you

sodchona tuka sodchona

I will not leave you, leave you

mhojem kelear vinne sodachona

I will not leave you till you're mine

tunch mhojem voi tunch mhojem

you're mine, yes you're mine

sasnak tum zattelelm mhojem

you'll be mine for eternity

tukach sodanch sangtam kednai sodchona

I will always tell you, never leave you

ho hath dor go tu mhojo

this hand of mine hold it dear

tukach hanv soddanch vixwashi ravtolo

I will always remain faithful to you

dis ho hanv kednai yeta poitolo

when the day will come, I await

tukach hanv ravtam gho sodanch

for you alone I will await always.



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