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Sasnak Tuzoch Zalo (..yours eternally)

Sasnak  Tuzoch Zalo

Sasnak Tuzoch Zalo (became yours eternally) A wedding special to delight the couple Sancio & Sinera on their blissful day, with soulful lyrics and music.

Couple: Sancio & Sinera Vocalist: Ensley Rodrigues

Credit: Ensley Rodrigues.

Lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


ghoterantlem sukknem tuem

a bird in the nest you are

kupantlem xitoll chandnem tuem

the moon in pristine clouds you are

saulli ditollo rukh tuem

tree that offers shade you are

bhagetlem sobit fullem tuem

a lovely flower from Garden you are

disona tor usko maka tuem

jivacho sukh sontos tuem

a life's joy and happiness you are

kalzantllo eke ek suskar tuem

sighs from the heart you are

dolle bhonde kortoch distai tuem

when I close my eyes, its you I see


kello niz mog tuzo kello

loved you truly, loved you

jurmant tuka dillo

I gave you my vows

sassnak aiz tuzo zallo

and for eternity I became yours

okotmach meulim zivitan

we met off sudden in life

mog tuzo riglo eai khallzant

you love nestled in my heart

bhonvtallim ami sangatan

we used to date together

ravchim ami dogaim ekvottan

lets remain the two of us united

zogotai mogan voh ragan

when we fight in love or anger

dis rath yeun sotatitai sopnant

Bhass dittam .. sangatan

I am giving you my word together

jivo assot tor sonvsarant

till I alive in this world


tuem nah tor sonvsarant kai nah

If you're not this in this world, there is nothing

tujea vinneh mhojean ravunk zaina

without you I cannot live

infenerantlean sorg dischona

from hell you can see heaven

tujem oshlem soddlear meuchena

I will not find another like you




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