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Sant Antoni Bhokta

Sant Antoni Bhokta

Sant Antoni Bhokta, a popular hymn in Konkani dedicated to St. Anthony Of Padua, with a fervent devotion and graced by an ethereal voice of Erisha Franco. Credit: Erisha Franco

Hymn lyrics with English translation for world wide audience, vid will load in few secs.


2) Sant Antoni Bhokta,

Saint Anthony saintly priest

Firgianche kulliechea,

A wealthy nobleman 

Tujea (livrar) gronthar


On your book played infant Jesus

ballok Jesu Raza,........}2

Infant king Jesus

Ballok (Jezu) khellta mhunnon

Because Infant Jesus played

Santan rokdich dimbi ghali

the saint immediately knelt

Zomnir poddon Sant Anton

stretched on the floor

pratton kori........ }2

he would pray

Bokta san anthoni

2) Sant Antoni Bokta,

Ochoriam tujim tera,

your miracles are thirteen

Choudavem kor Bokta,

make it fourteen, Saint

Amche Papiamche ghara

Our sinners homes


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