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Red Rose, Boom Bang a bang ..., The 7 Notes band

Red Rose, Boom Bang..., 7 Notes band

Lively mashup of konkani classic Red Rose, Boom bang a bang, Kalliz boom bang Zata

by Goa's popular band, the7 Notes band, noted for their original composition.

for bookings they can be contacted: Email ~ Ph::- 7875148456 / 7264963811

Lyrics with translation for global audience , vid will load in few secs'


Ghoru mugelem Kuddtore saxtti, Rozalin muj' nanvum

my home is in Curtorim, Salcette and Rosaline is my name

Tambddelem rozu mhunnit tor sogllo ollkhot' mhaka ganvum

Red rose is my nickname, the village knows me by

Walkisher vhoddlea Parxeange bongleant kam' kortam hanvum

in walkisher in big Parsee bungalow, I work there

Rostean choltana fattlean re lagta cheddeanchem pursanvum

when I walk on the streets, three is a line boys who follow me

Konn mhaka choklett haddun ditai

some of them offer me chocolates

Konn mhaka pich'cherak apoitai

Some call me movies

Konn mhaka besttech zapaitai

some tease me

Konn mhaka poixe dakhoitai

Some show me money

# Boom bang-a-bang

Come closer, come closer and listen

The beat of my heart keeps on missing

I notice it most when we're kissing

Come closer and love me tonight

That's right

Come closer and cuddle me tight

My heart goes

Boom bang-a-bang, boom bang-a-bang

When you are near

Boom bang-a-bang, boom bang-a-bang

Loud in my ear

Pounding away, pounding away

Won't you be mine?

Boom bang-a-bang-bang all the time

It's such a lovely feeling

When I'm in your arms

Don't go away

I wanna stay my whole life through

Boom bang-a-bang-bang

Close to you

Nam go nam, hai, hai

No, dear, No , hai, hai

kitem zata mhaka? something is happening to me? Konnem sanglam tuka?

who has told you? Avoi, avoi, kitem zata mhaka?

Gosh, something is happening to me"

Ch. Kalliz hem boom bang-a-bang

My heart goes boom bang a bang Boom bang-a-bang Boom bang zata Kiteak mhojea kallzak dhoko dita?

why did you distress my heart Boom bang-a-bang Avoi, horddean ieta

Gosh, it has reached my chest Tunch zai mhaka naka Rita

I just need you, not Rita


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