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Ravta Tuka ( waiting for you)

Ravta Tuka

Ravta tuka ( waiting for you) an unique music composition, refreshing, original, lively, engrossing beat, with rap overtones. Hoping his music catches on... starring: Roshan Carvalho, Samroy Fernandes Vocals/Composer: Samroy Fernandes.

snippets of lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs.


mhojea moga hanv rautam tuka

my love, I am waiting for you

tum eaita sodanch sopnath

you always come in my dreams

.........khallzache assa

satisfy my hearts desire



tum eiao moga tum assta gopan

come my love, when you're in my arms

tuzo oslo mog dista maka sorgar sorgar

with your love I feel like in heaven heaven

tum eiao moga rautam tuka...................2

you come my love waiting for you

tunch asta gopan mhojea

when you're in my arms

dista kainch ani naka naka

seems like I want nothing else




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