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Pisso Zalam Mogan (crazy in love)

Pisso Zalam Mogan

Pisso Zalam Mogan (crazy in love) romantic and upbeat song in Konkani with mesmerizing scene of gifting her with roses.

Vocalist : O'Luv. Cast: Ramson Cardoso and Madonna Fernandes.

credit : Leslie Vaz

Lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs


soddanch rostalean vattai cholon

You always walk by the roadside

bharik bhend tujeam alloine dolon

swaying your waist to and fro

pisso zalam tujea nokre polluen

I have gone crazy watching your fussing

phewneo ghalear ragan fatlean poitia podon

If I whistle you turn back with anger


gloria gloria gloria sobit distai rupan look beautiful

gloria gloria gloria chondrim distai kupan a moon in cloud

gloria gloria gloria pisso zalam mogan

Gloria.......................I am crazy in love

Gloria glorai gloria dhavon eai go gopan

Gloria......................hurry and run into my arms

xitoll mogacho sutlla varro

pleasant love breezes have begun

Gloria matsche eu gho arro

Gloria please come closer

mog tuzo hanv kortam korro

I love you truly

dollo mathia

your winks

khalliz futon zata churro

my heart blows to pieces


ratche rathi mhjea sopnant eatia

every night you come into my dreams

chiddun moddun mhoje kissu gatai

you passionately kiss me

dusrrem naka fokot tunch maka zai

I don't want anyone else but you

rani mhoje ani hanv tuzo rai

you are my queen and I am your king


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