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Pavsachea Tempar (Rainy Season)

Pavsachea Tempar

the first rains are always joyous occasion to behold after the parched earth, heat and sweat of summer. Its hub of activity in nature, birds building their nest. and then when the thunderstorms strikes, and rains bear down, the houses crumble, the trees fall and flooding everywhere and neighbors quarrel. A lively Goan song with ton of energy, dances and music to celebrate

Credit to: Sanio Fernandes lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


Pavsachea tempar, kai borem dista

In the rainy season, how good you feel

june, July , Agost, rogot lasta

June, July, August, the blood on fire

shetant shetkamti shetma apli kosta

In the fields, the farmers are plowing

lhan bhurgi, pavsant vochon bhizta

Little kids get wet in the rains


zoglavanne marta, mollbak uzo petta

the lightening lights fire to the sky

Godgoddan dista, kitem tori modta

It thunders, something will break apart

vadoll mod sutta, rukh uddon podta

cyclone lashes, the trees fall to the ground

ghorant ti modta, ghanv te budta

the houses crash, the whole town is flooded

pavs etoch bebe, shetant denvta

when the rain arrives, the frogs emerge

Mor aapli pakham , fuloun khevta

Peacock spreads her wings and dances

sukhnni thea pavsan, ghotter korunk bhonvta

the birds in the air, hover around to build the nest

Nohvi kazari cop marun ravta

the newly weds drink their cups


rap break......

pavsachea tempar, lok zogodta

in the rainy season people quarrel

tuji pavlli mhojea, ghorantt podta

pavsache udok, tu mhoje bhattant sodta

the rain water is gushing into my compound

eka mekachi durgam modta

each others compounds are razed.



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