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Old Goa

Old Goa, the City of Bygone era

This was the city, "Pearl Of the Orient" my ancestors built that dazzled the world in 16th century, which in the end had to be evacuated because of a deadly plague

that decimated its handsome citizens, we are one of the clans that survived the plague. Now only the churches remain, a testimony of its opulence and grandeur in its heyday.

according to eyewitness account of our patron saint Francis Xavier, women would lean out of balconies

showering gold and silver leaves on parades below.

It was the age of exploration and discovery of the new world, in the wild west, the Cherokees and the Shawnees roamed the wilderness. it's amazing how young is USA, compared to thousand years of history of other places but the new land of the natives would serve as a rendezvous for every bloodline of human kind and the effervescence of creativity that ensued for the betterment of all.



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