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Noman Padr Agnel

A heartfelt song, a hymn to Venerable Padr Agnel De Souza and a prayer for his canonization,

as we await with hope, a second saint from Our Land. Credit to Narusha D'Souza

Noman Padr Agnel

Supurlim oronnim, lanh

xetam, sobhit gharam

Amidst the little wastelands, green fields and beautiful houses is hidden

thoim liplai tum, sobit ganv Anjuna,

there is hidden the picturesque village of Anjuna

Zolmolo thuie Padr Agnel aiz kidd ani mui ditat argham

where Fr Agnelo is born, every living creature is thankful to him

tantlo hanv ek Kiskoi, noman tuka kortam

and among them I and insignificant creature is one of them.



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