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Niz Mog (True Love)

Niz Mog

Niz Mog, An enchanting love song of dedication of true love to cast a poetic spell and romance

credit to Sylwester Fernandes and Jewela Luis

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Aiz thaun zale tu mhojem

from today You became mine

Devache mhaka tu vhod dennem

God's great gift or blessings

Vichun tuka haven kadle

Sangatan jivit sarunk mhojem

I chose you to spend together our lives


Niz mog hanv tuzo kortolo

Tuka sodanch mhojea vengen dhortolo

I will love you truly, I will hold you in my arms

Uzvadd tuzo zavun hanv ravtolo

I will be your life

Mog moipas tuka mhozo ditolo

my love and affection I'll give you

Zale tu mhojea kallzachi rani

You became the queen of my heart

Ani hanv tujea mogacho dhoni

and I am the lord of your love

Jivitan khoro mog korcho ami

in life we will love truly

Mog amcho netovcho fulanim

We'll decorate our love with flowers


Tuka kedech eksure korchona

I'll never leave you alone

Dolleani tujea duka hadchona

In your eyes there will never be tears

Bhas dilea ti hanv visorchona

the word given I will honor

Mogachi Purim kortolo sopna

I will fulfill our dreams of Love


viswasi hanv soddanch ravtolam

I'll be always remains faithful


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