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This relaxed playful Konkani love songs sure

takes you down the memory lane of childhood spent in Goan villages, getting wet in the first rains, making paper boats, running them in rain water rivulets, Of learning to cycle and being crashed into by friends. and Of course, your childhood sweetheart. Credit to O'luv and his team, jotted lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs




my love maka ugddas yeta tuzo

my love I am thinking of you

My Love maka ugddas yeta tuzo

my love I am thinking of you

dista maka ami dogai burgim zanchim

It seems like we should be kids again

book fatir marun escolac veuchim

with school bag behind our backs

burgim mosteo kortat toxim mosteo korchim

like kids We'll be playful again

madak gumaun apa lipa kevchim

We'll play hide and seek behind the Coconut trees


Poilo pausan dogium bistana

We'll get wet in first rains

kagti boteo korun udkan soddtalim

we'll make paper boats and live it in the rain water

danvta toshen tanchear fattlean danvatolim

We'll chase the boats while it carried away with rain water

udkan butana dogaim rodatalim

when it sinks, we would cry


dogai boren boren cycle sinktaleun

while we are learning to cycle

fokanna korun ekka makak vodutaleum

we used to tease and pull each other down

cholta choltan cycle gevun podtaleum

while cycling we'll crash to the ground

rodounk yetalem punn oton hasteluen

It felt like crying with pain but once on feet we used to laugh




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