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Mogall Maie (Beloved Blessed Mother)

Mogall Maie

Mogall Maie, An ardent hymn to Our Blessed Mother, when pandemic was rife,and death struck every minute in homes, hospitals around the world. Credit to Fr. Mariano Silveira Cast: Melanie fernandes

hymn lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


1. Mogall Maie, Sundor Maie.

Beloved blessed mother

ghe amkam untt'tient Tuje.

hold us in your ......

Nirmoll nitoll, Ankvar Maie,

Pure , spotless, Virgin Mary

Samball Tum porjek tuje.

take care of your people


Adhar di magtanv Maie

we pray for your help, Mother

Tuzo asro sodtanv Maie.

You are our refuge always

Akanta vellar sanddum-naka

in times of trouble, do not leave us

Sangath di, Maie.

give us your compnay.


Mogall Maie, hatak dhor ghe

Beloved Mother, hold our hands

Bhirant amchi pois kor ghe.

Our fears keep them afar

pidda pois kor, magtanv Maie

the Pandemic, keep it afar, Mother

pordeseank rakhun dovor.

protect them far from home

3. Mogall Maie, bhurgim ami

Beloved Mother your children

vatt dakoi sorgichi.

show us the path to heaven

adnea pallunk,di xittkaunnim

Jezuxim amkam pavoi.

Reach us to Jesus


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