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Mogacho Uzo (love on fire)

Mogacho Uzo

 Mogacho Uzo (love on fire) overcome with passions, the flesh dominates. the vows and kids fall by the wayside. Surprisingly, it was never flagged by our ever watchful Church. Its just a song!! original singer: Lorna Cordeiro

Vocalist: Valarie Dsouza Credit: Royal band

lyrics with English translation vid will load in few secs.


bhangar dudu asat re bankant

I have cash and gold in the bank

Hea dudvani mog diunk zaina maka

but money can't buy me love


soglem soddun mog ulhasan

Leave everything with a love sigh

Punn sodchina tuka

but I will not leave you

Na tuka ...... wooo

Not you......wooo

Mog tuzo moga uzzo uzzo

you love is like fire

mog tuzo uzzo... uzzo

your love is fire fire


tuzo ... tuzo maka mog fokot tuzo

yours yours only your love for me

Mogachi gormi sossunk nezo... nezoo

I can't bear the heat of love can't can't ....

sossunk re nezzo nezzo

I cannot endure no cannot

tum kortai toso

the way you do

konn korit mog mhozo

nobody else can


tu ankvar zalear porva na maka

if you're a bachelor I do not care

govak lagon tum kainch bhienaka

do not be afraid of my husband


Govak soddu

I could leave my husband

mog ulhasan punn

sodchina tuka

but not leave you

Na tuka ..... woooh

no not you


Mog tuzo moga uzo uzo

your love, dear is fire fire

mog tuzo uzo uzo

your love is fire fire

tuzo tuzo

your your

maka mog fokot tuzo

my love is only for you

hanv kazar bhurgim asat maka

i am married and have kids

bhurgeam passot fatti soronaka

because of kids do not hesitate


Bhurgeank sodun mog

I can leave the kids behind

ulhasan punn sodchina tuka

but will not leave you

na tuka... wooooh

not you....woooh




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