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Mogacho Hunvar- 7 Notes Band

Mogacho Hunvar

Mogacho Hunvar (deluge of Love) An enchanting, heart warming wedding special, a poetic composition for Melroy & Jeema on their blissful day by the 7 Notes Band Star Vocalist/composer: Myron Lucas and amazing videography blending churches in UK & Goa credit: Lewin Samuel Photography

Lyrics with English translation for Global audience, vid will load in few secs


Channiachem dovem angostr ghalun

Wearing a white moonlit wedding gown

Rathrannechim fullam vellik guthunn

night jasmine flowers etched in the veil

Nodre vatevelean kallzan denvtai

with the fleeting gazes, hearts sink

Sobitayecho mankullo mukutt nesonn

wearing a petit elegant crown


Mogacho yeylla hunvar..

love deluge has come

Jivit mhojem tujea navar…

my life in your Name


Yeo moga mhojea Vengent rav lipun

come my love hide in my embrace

Kupanim channem koxem

just like the moon behind the clouds

Yeo moga mhojea jinneth rav rigun

Come my love and nestle in my life

Buddtea doryeant surya koxem

like the sun sinking in the ocean

Yeo moga mhojea Vengent rav lipun

Come my love hide in my arms

Ghott dhorun ami ravchem

holding each other tight

Yeo moga mhojea jinneth rav rigun

come my love nestle in my life

Mogan sarya jivit amchem

in love, we'll spend our lives

Vazli ghantt chodtana igorje panvde

bells are ringing while climbing the church steps

\Kallzanth murgotalle vorsamche anvde

our hearts blushed the yearning of ages

Monantlem sopon zaun ek suknnem

dreams of our head turn into birds

Noketram modem mollbar udlem

alights among the stars at night


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