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Moga love (rap version)

Moga   love

Moga (love) A Konkani love song with rap overtones,

with riveting hypnotic beat. A talented and unique composition. Composer/Vocalist: Samroy Fernandes Cast: Samroy, Carol, Jwel

Credit: Samroy Fernandes

snippets of lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs.



oh mhojea moga

oh my love

hanv ravtam tuka

I am waiting for you

tuzea mogan assa

I am in love with you

yieo dortam hanv ...tuka

Come want to hold you



tujea pollatana

when I gaze at you

dollean dista vavta hanv

my eyes seem to melt with

varean moga gopant dovor tujea

with love breeze hold me in your arms

khalzzan lipoi tum sotaita gho mhaka

hide me in your heart, you scold me

sodanch sopnant gho mhojea moga

always in my dream my love

vantto dovor khalzzan

keep me place in your heart

dakoi tuzo adhar di gho maka

give me your help my love

fudara hanv gho tuzo raza

I am future King

tuka hanv vortan dovartan

I am taking you, keeping you

khalzzache darar

in my hearts door.





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