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Mog Voh Amcho

Mog Voh Amcho

Mog Voh Amcho ( this love of ours ) An irresistible love

song with a dance choreography and a picturesque English Countryside.

starring:  Bunty Vaz & Val Nunes Vocalist: Bunty Vaz

snippets of lyrics for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


poilech nodrek mog zallo polluen tedna tuka

with first sight love kindled gazing at you

mog tuzo korta mhunnune sangok bhirant dista mhaka

that I am in love with you I was scared

rupkar tuzo poitoch dista mhaka kainch ek naka mhaka

when I saw your visage I do not want anything else

mog mhuzo picarlo jivit fudden dislo mhaka

my love grew and life's future became clear

la lala lala mog voh amcho

this love of ours

la lalal lala soddanch sambaucho

always guard it

la la la lal mog dogaincho

love of two of us

lal la la shukan nah divncho mog voh amcho

we must not let it dry, the love of ours

morosor tor tujea sangatan mhaka jivonk zai

till I die I want to live in your company

tuzea bogor ani dusrem mhaka naka kain

without you I want nothing else

mog tuzo kortolom khallzan thaun soddanch visronaka

I will love you from the bottom of my heart, I will never forget

chiddon tuka ravtolon mhozem sukh and suznikai

I will hold your close you're my happiness and comfort


utor tuka dillam moga

I gave you my word

kedanch vechonna negar

I will never betray

khalliz mhojem tuzea mogan sarkan zallem fugar

my heart is overcome with love for you

chitnam kednach uddon divchunue vareak

My thoughts of you will not fade in the wind

mog amcho ghot korunk pavuchim altarak

to make our love strong, we reach the altar



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