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mog tuzo kitlo ashelo

mog tuzo kitlo ashelo

mog tuzo kitlo ashelo, lover deeply in an unrequited love and hopes to be born hundred times to win her love. originally composed by, Late. Wilfy Rebimbus

Movie Mog ani Maipas, sung so sweetly by child Artist : Alline Viegas lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs


Mog tuzo kitlo ashelom

I longed so much for your love

itloi labonk na mhaka

but it was not reciprocated

Portun hanv zolmon ietolom

I will come back being born again

Moga mhunn apounk tuka (2 Times)

just to call on you my love

Mogachi aprub ghadi

the sublime moment of our love

Bosun hanv ugddas kadi

I would sit down and savor

Ugddasan kitem korum

What use is it , to reminisce

Dolleanim dukam haddi

just brings tears to my eyes


Adhlo tho ugddas kelear

If recollect the past

Denvtelim dukham dolleant

tears will brim and roll down

Zolmotam xembor pauti

I will be born again a 100 times

Mog tuzo melta zalear

with the hope of your love again



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