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Mog Rigla Kallzant (love blooms in my heart)

Mog Rigla Kallzant

Mog rigla Kallzant (love nestled in my heart ) an mellifluous love ballad, when childhood love rekindles and hearts reunite as grown ups. Cast: Rio Fernanes/ Rio Fernandes, Vocalist: Rio Fernandes

Lyrics with English translation for Global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


mog ho amcho bhurgeaponaacho

Our Love from childhood

dista .. suru zallo

seems like it has rekindled again

hanvunch noko mog osso kosso

I cannot fathom how this happened

kallzaant mhojea kosso riglo

how did it nestle in my heart


.....kallzant meutoch mog amcho suru zallo

Hearts separated met and our love began

chondrim khupani lipla tosoch

just the like hides in the clouds

mogache panteant lipoi

hide in love's basket.

Mog rigla ghot kalzzan bitor

love has blossomed deep in my heart

kalzzan funtle mogache zhor

heart has broken into fever

Sassanak urtolo jivit bhor

it will be for life eternally

zautleim sangatim mhoje

You'll be my life partner

Saulli mogachi tuzer galltolem

love shadow will envelop you

tujea hatant dorun choltolom

holding your hands I will saunter

uzvadd kirna tujer fankoitolem

the light rays will shine on you

molbaile noketra nettoitolem

the sky will be draped in stars


.mogache e fullam bhagant hattin roitolom

I will plant the love flowers in the garden

.Suryache kirna ... shivtolom

in the warm of the sun rays it will grow

Mhoji nodor tacher soddanch dovortolom

My gaze will be on her always

tachem borem samball hanv kortolom..

I will take good care of her.



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