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Mog Jezu tho tuzo (your Love, Lord Jesus)

Mog Jezu tho tuzo

Mog Jezu tho tuzo (your love, Lord Jesus) A fervent

hymn to our Lord and His immeasurable love for us,

Original singer/composer: George Coelho, Album: Jezucho Pattlau Credit: Joel Lasardo

hymn lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs.


Mog Jezu tho tuzo .................2

your love, Lord Jesus

Mhova sarko ghodd kitlo

Is much sweeter than the honey

Sovsarant konnech divunk na

in this world nobody can give

Jezu mog tujea itlo

A love greater than yours


Akantak sampodleaer

those caught up in distress

Adhar mevlo tuzo

received your help

Eksuro hanv aslear

If I am alone

Sangat mevlo tuzo

you offer me your companionship

Porot pasun zolman ailear

If I were to be born again

Farik korunk nezo

I will not able to repay

Mog Jezu tho tuzo

Love of yours, Oh Lord Jesus

Jezu tuzo mog hanv visron..............2

Lord Jesus forgetting your love

Patkant jivit jietam

I live in my sinfulness

Jezu tujem kalliz dukoilem

Lord Jesus I have pained your heart

Bhogos bhogos Mhaka

Please Forgive forgive me


Zaitem Jezu dila tuvem ...............2

Oh Lord Jesus you have us everything

Mezun zavchem na kobbar

we'll not be able to count

Morot zalear Jezu

when we die Lord Jesus

Ami Ugdass kor amcho sorgar

remember us in Heaven



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