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Miss You Jessica

Miss You Jessica

Miss You Jessica, Sad and Poignant song, when the love one who has departed hits hard. especially at Xmas, when there is all emptiness in the home, during this most joyful occasion of love, peace and happiness. It was just a year ago, when Death stalked everyone through the dreadful pandemic The world at large seems to have moved on now but those who lost their love one, it will be gut wrenching, left to pick up the pieces. lyrics that touch your heart

Lyrics/singer: Neves Oliveira lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs



uddokh zaenah khaiem

Ocean waters never turn black

Noxibhant aslelem bhogun zaine

whatever fate holds, we have to bear

Gallea vorshak tambdem suit ghatlellem hanvem

Last year I wore a maroon suit for Xmas

Eia vorshak Xmasak gallechem podlem Khaiem

This year for Xmas I had to wear black

Merry Xmas Punn wish Kortaem tuka

I still wish you Merry Xmas

Tuem Sorghar thaen Merry Xmas munne Mhaka

You too from Heaven wish me Merry Xmas

Vorhos zallem hem golloeathan ei Dukham

Its been year since I have shed my tears

I miss you, I miss you, darling Jessica

Donnuch vorsakh sukh bogllelem moga

For two year I have known happiness, my love

I love you, I love you sweet heart, I love you Jessica.

Galleah Natallem dogaim Galleleim Missakh

Last Xmas we went together for Xmas mass

Ekloch vechhaen podlem eia vorshak

Alone I had to go this year

Xmas chea dissakh vettalim dansakh

We used to go for Xmas dance

Tuem nasthnah oth nae eai Xmasakh

without you I have no desire

Merry Xmas munne wish kortham tukha

Merry Xmas I am wishing you

Tuem sorghar thaun Merry Xmas munne makha

You too wish me Merry Xmas from Heaven

Bhaba utton tukhach sodhta moga

Our baby wakes up and searches for you

Avoichem Mog muzhean deunk zhaena takha

Mothers love I cannot give him

Tukha sonvasaran dorun Devhan vorrunk zai asllolo makha

God should have kept you here and taken me instead.

Galleah Natallank ghara assllhem Nektran lhaun

Last Xmas , you were here, while we hung the Xmas star, decorations

Eai vorshak kallokh podllo tuem nah zaunk

This year its all emptiness in our home

Vengh marunh kiss daeth Xmas thaen yehaun

We would embrace and kiss each other after Xmas service

Eai Vorshak Xmas sarthan photo veghen ghaeun

This year I spending Xmas hugging your Picture

Merry Xmas munne wish korthaem tukha

Merry Xmas I am wishing you

Tuem sorghar thaen Merry Xmas munne Makha

You too wish me Merry Xmas from Heaven

Kazarachem sukh kobhar zallem mogha

My wedding bliss is over , my love

I miss you, I miss you, darling I miss you Jessica.

Soddanch tuzho ughhdas eaithollo sukha

I will be thinking of you my love

Eai Xmasak disshak wish korunk hanv ravthollem tukha

This Xmas I will be waiting to wish you Merry Xmas

Tuem sorghar thean wish korunk vissornakia makha

Please do not forget to wish me from Heaven.


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