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Martyrinchi Ranni (The Queen Of Martyrs)

Martyrinchi Ranni

Martyrinchi Ranni, Nestled in South Goa, in our village of Assolna is a Church Dedicated to Queen Of Martyrs

close to river Sal and in the courtyard facing the Church is the magnificent Architecture of Christ the King, one of the wonders of Asia. depicting Our Lord's return to this world as the King in all his majesty and glory. An heartfelt Konkani hymn to Our Blessed Mother by Alison D Silva Martyrinchi Ranni Credit to Ivor D'Cunha


Askarin tum Ganvchi

Protector of Our Village

Mai amchea Mogachi

our most loving Mother

Ranni Sorg Sonvsarachi

Queen of heaven and earth

Asreakal tujea asaum

with confidence under your mantle

kirton tujem Gaitaum

sing your Song

martyr Saibin, askarin amchi

Blessed mother of martyrs, our Protector

tuka vinchun kadli poavitr atmean borli

You were chosen filled with Holy Spirit

mandun ghevun ankvar gorbest zali


Ostoriam moddem soddovi eklich

Among women the only one chosen

tum vortoli Maria mai tum Dev Putachi

You are Mary, Mother of God the Son

marthrinchi ranni dennem devoi tuji

Queen of Martyrs , shower us your graces

Maie rakon tum samball bargim magtat tujim

Mother guard to preserve us, your Children ask of you

adhar dhi nivar soglea vaitantlim

Help us through all evil

Sogott Magnnim kortat amchi

we pray to you


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