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Marie, Sodanch adar tuzo (Mary, Your help..)

Marie, Sodanch adar tuzo

A soulful hymn to our Blessed Mother, for her help and protection.

credit to: Tyson Da Costa.

hymn lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


Marie, sodanch adar tuzo

Mary, help as always

zaum xevôtt heam magnneancho,

the essence of this prayer,

Putan tuka kelea dekhun

because Your Son has destined you to be,

Adar asro patkiancho.

the help of sinners.


Sodanch aito alaxiro, di, Maiê, amkam tuzo.

Give us your generous help at all times, Oh Mother.

Vaittantulim utthunk sôdtanv,

We are anxious to rise from our wrongs,

punn ubim ravum nozo;

but find it difficult to arise;

oskot tujim bhurgim ami,

we, your weak children,

Maiê, magtanv adar tuzo.

are asking for your help, Oh Mother.


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