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Mandovi konkani love song

Mandovi konkani love song

Its a heartwarming song that brings cheer and love to a lonesome girl sitting by the river Mandovi, who has no dowry to give to marry someone..

credit to Ageema Fernandes Original singer Alfred Rose

lyrics , vid will load in few secs


English lyrics

I was strolling down Mandovi, there I met a country girl.

crying crying in misery.

she was such a lovely name, but she had no dowry

that is how I made my vow, I found my girl in Mandovi.


Gloria, Oh Gloria, I love you,*2

Gloria, ha Gloria, I want you,

Gloria, its glory to be with you,

Mandovi on a sunny day, there I brushed your tears away,

Now I know you are feeling gay, Gloria, Gloria.

Sobit ful, sobit ful, polloun taka zalom gul

lovely flower, lovely flower, gazing at her I was lost

Kaddun he zomnichi dull

from the dust of the Earth

Devan rochlem munxeakull

God created human form

Pollounk diso ek bull bull

Dolle math tache azul

Her eyes are blue

Chintlam motin, moji pottin korunk anv assa kobul

I 've decided in my mind, to make her my wife, I am ready


Gloria, Oh Gloria tum mojem,

Gloria, Gloria mogachem,

Gloria, amrut mojea kallzachem

Xitoll vortoulo tho suria

Tosoch Mandovicho doria

Sukhi amchem jivit koria

Gloria..Gloria ah Gloria……



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