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kuxal sodanch (always be happy)

Kuxal sodanch

Kuxal sodanch (always be happy) a Konkani hymn with the

sonorous accompaniment of trumpet from young singer/musician: Craig Fernandes Gaionancho Jhelo (F-13) Konkani hymn lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs .



Kuxal sodanch amim bhonvchem,

Let us all go about happy,

kuxal dhados amim ravchem,

let us live happy and satisfied,

moga jivit ekuch borem,

the only good life is the life of love,

bhavbhoinnam-jivit hem khorem.

this is the true life of brotherhood.

Amchim kallzam khoxê nadar,

Our hearts full of enthusiasm,

nitoll anvdde, bore udgar,

clean thoughts, sincere thanksgiving,

amcho Bapui asa sorgar

our Father is in heaven,

amchem To Sukh, amchem Bhanddar.

He is our happiness, our treasure.



Monis Devak khõi zait sôdta?

Where do people seek God?

Devu mon’xak khoi zait doddta?

Where does God meet people?

hatank dolleank Dev nam mellta,

hands and eyes do not get God,

pelea-rupnneant Devu bhett’ta.

He comes to us in the guise of our neighbour.


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