Kavllea Kiteak rodtai Daran

Dulpods are our fast beat songs to get your feet tapping and in mood for a dance,

If your missing your other half this song will soothe the wait. although brief this is one of

the best presentation for this classic. Its part of mashup of songs.

kavllea kiteak rodtai darant,

crow, why are you cawing near the door,

Konnui marit tuka faran.

Someone may shoot you.

Mhojea potichi khobor haddlea tor kavllea,

If you have brought me news of my husband you crow,

Uddon vegin sang re borean.

tell me immediately

muzo poti Bombaim gello

My husband has gone to Bombay

tacho usko maka zala...

I am worried about him

Ani nimanne ratri sopeacher bosson, beiju maka dila

and on our last night, while sitting on the sofa he gave me a kiss

Poti yeh Poti yeh, tujea gopan maka ghe.

come my husband and take me in your arms

Mhojo Poti yehtokoch garant

When my husband comes home,

Maka kapdem attolo bhara

He will bring me clothes (dresses)

Dogain zati tegain zatokoch , rau tu mhujea barar

Two of us when we become three , he will remain with us.