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Kavllea Kiteak rodtai Daran (crow, why are you crying)

Kavllea Kiteak rodtai Daran

Dulpods are our lively songs which usually follow the slower Mandos in sequence and livens up the social events with its quick rhythms, If your missing your other half this song will soothe the wait, although brief this is one of

the best presentation for this classic. Its part of mashup of songs. lyrics with English translation

credit to Sequeira Production, vid will load in few secs


kavllea kiteak rodtai darant,

crow, why are you cawing near the door,

Konnui marit tuka faran.

Someone may shoot you.

Mhojea potichi khobor haddlea tor kavllea,

If you have brought me news of my husband you crow,

Uddon voche (vegin) sang re borean.

fly away and tell me immediately

Scene 2

Tum nasloi punn tuka sweater kori

You were not around, but I would weave a sweater for you

Tujench chinti eklim aslim khorim

Thinking of you, when I was alone

Ugdass ietoch sweater vordear dhori

When I thought of you, I would hug the sweater to my chest

Fugasavan moje diss ao sari

In grief I would spend my day.

Ani rodtalim daktulea burgea pori

I would cry like a little girl.

Scene 3

Hello my pipirmitt

Lawrence, Bomhoi sonhe eilo?

Lawrence, You have returned from Bombay?

Avoi, kithu bor disoth re

Wow!! You're looking so good

Darling pipirmitt

Are, tum Inglez uloita?

Hmm, You speaking in English?

Aff kours.

Of Course

Ghove mhujho Inglez xinkela kottah

My hubby has learnt English, really

Atham to botticher sirvis kortha

Now he works on the ship

Repeat :

Sarko bhakraem cheddeam bhaxeni nesotha

He dresses up like the landlords sons

Choichea European disotha

He looks like European

Mon mhaka lago naslem botticheri

My mnd was not on the ship

Kedoem-kai nodor ghalim diso tujeri

I couldn't wait to see you again

Atam mog amghe gharan koria, nhoi vatteri

Now let us make love at home not on the streets

Mog amjelo avois foga bhateri

Our love is going to light up like fireworks


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