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kalliz mhojem ( my heart)

kalliz mhojem

An enchanting Goan love song of love and promise and dedication. credit to Artist: EDM Gomes Cast : Vrinda Vaz

Konkani lyrics with English translation for worldwide audience, vid will load in few secs


Tum mhojem sukh,

you are my happiness

Tum mhozo rukh,

you are my tree strength

Jivit tukach bhettoilam.

I dedicate my life to you

Nanv tujem kallzant kantoilam

your name is engraved in my heart

Pusunk koxench mellona.

I can never wipe it

Tum mhojem, hanv tuzo,

You are mine and I am yours

Sangat di mhaka sasnak,

Give your company for forever

Mog tuzo, kela niz,

I loved you truly

Kedinch vechona negar.

I will never betray


Tujea vinnem sonvsar ho naka

without you, I do not want this world,

Tujea bogor dis-raat kainch naka,

without you day and night I do not need anything

Polleounk axetam mhojea sukha....... io moga!

Desire to gaze at you, my happiness , come my love!!


Vhor moga, kalliz vhor moga,

take my love, take my heart

Mhojem kalliz tuka sasnak vhor.

take my heart foever

Di mhaka, xekim di mhaka,

Give me , howsoever give me

Tujea khorea mogachem utor.

your true word of love

Tuzo zatolom, sasnak astolom,

I will be yours, forever will be

Kedem ailear pasun amcher modd.

Howsoever great the storms

Visvasan ravun, mogan bhonvun,

remain faithful, will walk in love

Dev-sukhan bhorum amchem ghor.

God will bless our home with peace



Kalliz mhojem, tukach dilam.

heart of mine , I've given you

Sodanch mhojea, rav tum sangata...

always remain with me together


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