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Jurament Neketrancher vows on starlit night

Jurament Neketrancher

A groom sings a comforting love song to his bride overcome with doubts credit: to the Groom Kenny & his bride Cliffa, 10cc photography Goa.

Jurament Neketrancher

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


Jurament tuka ditam neketramcher

I am giving you vows on a starlit night

Pation tum rau, yea mojhea utramcher

Trust me always to remain faithful to my words

Kai borim sobit fulam, vell fulloilea yea kallzacher

How beautiful flowers have sprung from my heart

Koxem visrun hanv ravlolem gatki

How can I remain unfaithful?

Chondrim polle lipla kupani,

The moon is hiding behind the clouds

Dolle kiteak bhortai dukhani,

Why are your eyes full of tears?

Polle anjea mojea dolleani,

Look at my eyes, angel

Biyenakai ghalchona kotani

Do not be afraid, I will not put you in distress

Dilelem utor hanv vechona naghar,

My word I have given, I will not break

Molladik hi bhett dovortolom angar,

Tujea xivai kainch mhun naka sounsarant oslo sorgar

without you I want nothing else in this world, the heaven in you.

Kiteak anjea kallzan zatai fugar,

Why are you so overcome

Kai bori rath thondaiechi,

How beautiful is the night so cool

Ghottai aiz koria bunhead mogachi,

Lets strengthen our love bonds

Anson dakoi, khoxi kallzachi,

Smile and show the hearts happiness

Tunch vortoutai, divti fudarachi

Only you will be my future guide

Somdirachem udok saiyem zaumchemnam


Gulabache zaddak xinvtem fulchemnam,

On a rose bush you cannot have lily's

Toxench hea mojea kallzacher ingratponn zolmochemnam

Similarly. in my heart there will not be ingratitude

Kallzan fulloilelea fullak pisdonk ghalchonam

Flower that has bloomed in my heart, I will not tear it up


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