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Jivit tuka (this life for you)

Jivit tuka

Jivit tuka (this life for you) a lively original love song

of dedication and promises, imbued with love.

vocalist: Aleston Carvalho and his band

lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


Konnuim mhaka kitem sangot tor, hanv aikuk kobul nam.

if anyone tries to advice me, I am not prepared to listen

Tum sangtha tor aikuk toyar , vorachea voram.

If you tell me anything, I am ready to listen, hour after hour

Chitun tujem nidh poddonam, zalear pasun bhara.

thinking of you , I cannot sleep, even after midnight

Yo hanga ugtim dorlai kallzachim dhara

Come here, I have kept the heart's door open

Pr. ch.

Tokli mhoji tharear nam, torui dista mhaka borem

My head is not right, even then I feel good

Sogott mhunntta laglam mhunnon tujech go varem.

Everyone tell me that I have caught your wind


Jivit tuka zorui pois vorot tor

if life takes you afar even then

Tujem fattlean yetolom

I will follow you

Zorui tum mhaka mellot tor

and whenever I meet you

Hanv hem kantar mhunnttolom

this is the song I will sing

Tum uloinastanam pasun tuzo tallo aikotam

without you speaking, your voice I can hear

Tujem ekuch utor aikuk, mhojem kan axeta

just a single word from you, my ears ache for it

Dis rat fokot tuzoch hanv, rupkar niallttam

day and night your visage I ponder over

Tuka poitoch rokdoch hanv tujea porot mogan poddta.

when I see you again, I fall in love with you all over.

pre Ch



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