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Jezu Tum Mog Jivo ( Jesus, you are my life)

Jezu Tum Mog Jivo

Jezu Tum Mog Jivo, A heartfelt, fervent hymn or devotional songs in konkani dedicated to Our Lord Saviour, by one of Goa's star artist/ Vocalist, Silvina Lopes.and her Shine On Band

Credit : Shine On band

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


2) Tujea hatant

In your hand

jiv-prann mhozo

my whole life

Tunch mhozo asro,

You are my haven (protector)

Jinnek mhoje, tuje vinnem,

to live without you

Nam xanti, nam bhorvanso

there is no peace and no trust

2) Jezu tum mog jivo

Lord Jesus you are love and Life

Omrut jivitacho

you are the font of Life

Tarok tum otmeacho

you are the saviour of my soul

Kunvor soddvonnecho

you are the heavenly Prince

Patki rochnneak tum choloitai

you rule over the fallen creatures

Tunch mhozo raza

You are my King

Krupa kaklut, upott vantt'tai

your graces and mercy you share in full

Deivik jivitan bhortai

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