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Jezu, mogachea Agttea (Jesus, flame of Love)

Jezu, mogachea Agttea

Jezu, mogachea Agttea, in his flame of love, kindle our hearts, a Goan Konkani devotional hymn sung so ardently by Cielda Pereira, Goa's new nightingale and a star on her own.

Original Lyrics- Fr.Vasco do Rege,S.J Composer :Fr.Peter Cardozo Singer-Cielda Pereira

credit: Cielda Pereira. hymn lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs



Jezu, mogachea Agttea,

Jesus, flame of love,

amchim lasum-di kallzam

set our hearts on fire,

Tujea mogachea ujean! *2

in Your fire of love!

Zõi rag-dvês zollta

Where anger burns fiercely,

thõi ami priti vompum!

there may we spread affection!

Zõi opman kortat

Where they offend us,

thõi ami mafi korum!

there we must forgive!


Zõi khont dukh bhorlea

Where there is abundance of worry and sorrow,

thõi ami sontôs vaddoum!

may we bring happiness!

Zõi kallok poddla

Where there is darkness,

thõi ami uzvadd fankoum!

may we spread light!


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