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Jezu Bhaxen (like Jesus)

Jezu Bhaxen

A sparkling performance by Aradhon Choir from Margao. Goa at the Basilica of Bom Jezu, Old Goa

to be like Jesus day by day and to carry our crosses and crown of thorns. Credit to Alicia Neshwin

hymn lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


Jezu bhaxen aschem hanvem

Uloitana, vavurtana;

like Our Lord Jesus I speak and work

Jezu bhaxen aschem monan

Hich mhoji prarthona.

Like our Lord Jesus, this is my prayer

Jezu bhaxen zaunchem hanvem

disan disa, khinnan khinna;

to be like our Lord everyday, instantly

kantivont murt Tachi

mhojea monar chitartana.

while I contemplate his crown of thorns


.Mhojea mogall Jezu bhaxen

like our loving Lord Jesus

mhojea Devak sangchem hanvem

My God, I should tell you

Tuje khuxint mhoji khuxi

Your will, my will

Tujich khuxi korchi Tunvem’

and Your will be fulfilled


Jezu Bhaxen


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