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In Hoc Signo Vinces

In the the darkness of our times and especially in a great big land that awaits its fate on 3rd November, where many races, nationalities, cultures have made their home, a prayer, Our Lord isn't a distant Lord " I will be with you till the end of time''

In Hoc Signo Vinces

in the labyrinths of history. its as real as it gets, when Our Lord personally interceded with the great Constantine and instructed him in a dream at night before the battle to mark soldiers shields with this Labrum, In Hoc Signo Vinces ("In this sign thou shalt conquer").

In the battle of Milvian bridge on 28th October 312, against the rival Caesar Maxentius entrenched in the well fortified City Of Rome with army twice the size of Constantine's. And Constantine's army lay siege, march in and slaughter their opponents and he assumes charge, as the invincible Roman Emperor.

But in all the grandeur and majesty befitting an Emperor of greatest Empire on earth, he did not forget Our Lord and so came forth on February 313, the Edict of Milan and Christians were free at last to practice their beautiful faith and confiscated properties and churches returned to these helpless and persecuted Christians who suffered and died to preserve this beautiful faith.

On Emperor's Constantine's watch sprung forth churches and basilicas and the famous ones the church of Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and Old Saint Peter's Basilica built on top of St Peters resting place "and you Peter, on this rock, I will build my Church.." In 321, He made Sunday, as venerable day and day of rest for all citizens, like our Lord said "man was never made for sabbath, but sabbath was made for man and I am the Lord of Sabbath". I am sure Our Lord is fine with his favorite Emperor's decision. This was one of the pivotal moment for Christianity.

("In this sign thou shalt conquer")



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