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Im’manuel Im’manuel ( Emmanuel)

Im’manuel Im’manuel

Im'manuel Im'manuel Emanuel God with us. Hymn sung in

our churches during Christmas Season

Vocalist: Greyna & Anthea Fernandes .

Credit; Fr. Nelson Lobo

Hymn lyrics and translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Im’manuel Im’manuel

Emmanuel, Emmanuel

Amchê modem denvum Tum ie.

Come, descend and dwell amongst us.

Sasnna-zannvai gheun Tum ie

Bring us your eternal wisdom,

sogllem zagear ghalunk Tum ie.

come and put everything in its proper place.

Videsantlim amkam soddoi,

Free us from bondage,

patka-podvi sasnnak haroi.

forever get rid of our sin of pride.


Ghaiall soimbak okhod labhoi,


dukhest zal’leank buzvonn pavoi.

bring comfort to those in pain.

Sorga-marôg dakhoi amkam,

Show us the way to heaven,

hich vatt tankunk boll di amkam.

give us the strength to follow only that road


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