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Gonvlli Kitlo Boro

Gonvlli Kitlo Boro

Gonvlli Kitlo Boro, the Good Shepherd so awesome, who leads His sheep so bravely

A Konkani devotional hymn in an uplifting choral angelorum,

credit: Goa Diocesan Centre For Social Communication Media.

hymn lyrics with translation



Gonvlli Kitlo Boro

A shepherd so good

Jezu Somi mhozo

Lord Jesus mine

mhaka tache upkar

I have His blessings

omptam argham sorvkall

and my gratitude always

utram choruv to dita

with His words He nourishes us

jivit mhojem vhaddoita

and my life He uplifts

aplea pattlean dhiran cholunk

to follow Him with courage

koro marog dakhoita

He leads us to the right path


masa rogtan to posta

with His flesh and blood, he has adopted us

atmeak mhojea ghottaita

He gives his fortitude

apli govai soglleak divunk

with His witness to all

kalljidarponnan bhorta

He fills us with courage


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