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Goa Rocks again, Carnival time

Goa Rocks again,

Goa has come alive, Bye, bye little virus. come back no more.We don't like these lockdowns, you little wretch.. We'll like to sing, dance and make merry.

And you can see a Budweiser logo, behind.. Budweiser/and its US Bud light brand. "we found us some fun people, these gorgeous Goans, they don't care if you think, you are Ape or a Trans" (ha)

"No, Buds, we sing to them, how cool it is, just, Male or a Female. yeah, and nothing in between".

what can we do if someone thinks, they are suddenly Woman or Man against their gender.

Or someone tomorrow, starts howling " I am a Ape or a chimpanzee"

We have to celebrate our God given genders and marriages more, instead of attacking their dysfunction, which sheds even more limelight and Media and Corporates drumbeats for their perverse all "inclusiveness" and their purported "victimization" for profit and racketeering Credit & Courtesy: Double R, Goan Band, vid will load in few secs


And then Groove your night away at Cohiba, the bustling night life in Goa, with Double R band.

laze around and soak in some music on Easter day at the Sea Shells with Double R band for an hour long session.

Double R band at TikiBab playing the covers "tile"


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