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Ekvott Sasnacho (eternal Union)

Ekvott Sasnacho

Ekvott Sasnacho (eternal Union) congrats and

best wishes to a gorgeous couple, Vaunisha and Nixon and wedding special sung by the groom to his bride

Vocalist/composer: Nixon D'Costa

Credit : Vaunix Creations

snippets of Lyrics/ translation for Global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


sobit sundor tuzo rupkar

Beautiful lovely is your visage

dollean tujea dista sonvsar

in your eyes, I see the world

Deva mukhar ami zallim jurar

In God's presence we vowed

bhas dhili shobemazar

our vows before the altar


dis mhunne vorsam mazun ravtalim

days, months, years that elapsed, we counted

kednai khai ho dis eiatolo

when will this day arrive

hatan hat galun vegan dhorun

holding hands in each others arms

anjos awaz eiatalo

angelic chorus descends

sukhan dhukan shavli vottan

through joys and sorrows, shadows and sunshine

ravchim soddanch ami sagatan

we'll always remain together

bhovchim mogan hat gallun hatant

We'll live through clasping our hands

jivit sarea ekvottan

spend our lives in Union

Aiz ekvott korun donn khalzacho

today the Union of two hearts

uzvadd dittlo jivitacho

to light up our lives

awaz ........... suknaicho

of birds singing

mog amcho zaundi sasnacho

let our love be for eternity

khallzan bitor rigla tuzo rupkar

In my heart is engraved your visage

soggleank sagtam tunch mojo sonvsar

tell everyone that you are my world

ekvottin bhas devun altarar

with our vows before the altar

mhoje zalle tum ghorkan hanv tuzo ghorkar

you became my housewife and me, your husband



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