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Doiall Deva (Merciful God)

Doiall Deva

A devotional Goan Konkani hymns to Merciful God.

Credit: Fr Domnic Carvalho Singer Cielda Pereira Cast Aleka Velora Cardozo Carey Fernandes

hymn lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs

Doiall Deva kaklutichea,


Doiall Deva kaklutichea,

Compassionate and merciful God,

bhogos, Bapa mogachea,

forgive me, loving Father,

Bapui mhonnunk addvarnaka,

do not forsake me from calling you Father,

bhurgeank Tujeam soddnaka.

do not forsake your children.


Eh, Jezu, hanv kaklut magtam

Oh, Jesus I ask for mercy,

ditoloi mhonn patietam.

I am sure you will give it to me,

Sorv mhojeam pattank kanttalltam,

I repent for all my sins,

Aichean tim sogllim sanddtam.

I will leave them all from today.

Polle mhozo Dev-Soddvonndar

Look, my God and my Saviour,

morta Kalvar porvotar.

dies on Calvary.

Mhojê khatir To vollvoll lo,

He suffered because of me,

hanvem Taka khillailo

I have nailed Him there!


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