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Dis Udelo (the day has dawned)

Dis Udelo

An heartfelt Goan wedding song, the wedding day has dawned, when couple will wed and vows exchanged to remain faithful to each other beneath the altar.

there are many version, composed by Pio fernandes and originally sung By star Vocalist Mark Revlon

credit here to 7 Notes Goan band, lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs .


Dis Udelo Amchea Jivitant

The day has dawned in our lives

Rong Bhorlo Sacramentaan

.Color has filled with the Sacrament

Sopoot dilo juramentaan

Korar ishtaaplo ravonk visvasaan

We made our vows, promised to remain faithful.


Uzvaad porzoddlo noketrancho

on a star lit night

Pormoll faanklo sobit fulancho

the fragrances of flowers that has spread

Baanpaas ghalun ekvottacho

to bind the knots as One

Ditanv tuka kiss mogacho

I am giving you a kiss of love

Maannik molaadik tu mojea jivitaan

You are precious gem of my life

Aanz kosshe meule mhaka

Like an angel I have encountered

ditolo mhozo mog sodanch tuka

I will give you my love always

Ravtolo moga tujeach sangatan

I will forever remain with you


Kednach Ami zavchi nhoi doshi

Never will we separate

Sukhan dukhan ravchi oshi

through joy and sorrows will remain

Vaadol upraslar nhoi bhivochi

through storms we'll not fear

Ravun sangataan fudder korchi

together we'll make our future



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