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Dhonia hi pidda pois kor

Dhonia hi  pidda pois kor

Dhonia hi pidda pois kor (take this pandemic away from us). During the pandemic our faith grew stronger with, with fervent prayers to Our Lord to save us and shield us from this deadly virus, that killed millions. Cast: Winnie f'des, Sheris D'souza Rachael D'Souza

Goan band: Menn Machine credit: Fracis D'Souza


mhojea Jezu adhar soggleancho

my Jesus the help of all

mhojea Jezu ditai bhorvanso

my Jesus you give us solace

mhojea Jezu tor tum dadinai


dhenvlear kednach saddinai

if our faith lessens, you never leave us


aikon ghe aikon ghe magnhe amche sogglianchi

listen to us, listen to our prayers of all

aikon ghe aikon ghe magne tujeach burgeanchi

listen to us, listen to us, prayers of your children

mhojea jezu pida pois kadd

my Jesus, take this pandemic far from us

mhojea jezu amkam lagin aad

my Jesus bring us closer

mhojea Jezu patkan tum kadd

my Jesus our sins take them away

tujeach burgeank bhogsonne ......

and forgive your children



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