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Channeache Rati (The moonlit night)

Channeache Rati

Channeache Rati (the moonlight night) If ever there was

a song that saved its people, their identity and their land, this was it, when people rallied together with this song to save their land during the Opinion poll. Music: Ulhas Buyao Lyricist: Uday Bhembre

Cover Credit : Raagas2Riches

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.



Channeache rati maddachea savlent sarailya sobit manddar,

on a moonlit night under the shade of coconut palm trees,

Hatant ghalun hath nachumya gavumya ghumtachea modur tallar..}..2

holding hands lets sing and dance with pristine beat of the ghumot( native drum)

Chandrachi kirnam xittol gheumya mathear

lets basks on our heads the radiant beams of the moon light

Fulamchea vangda dollya varea darar ........}2

lets sway among the flowers with the breezes

Maddachea Tenkser Cogllacho gonter

by the crest of the coconut palm trees in the cuckoos nest

Pillam ti gaumdi gitam amchea surar

the nestlings sing a song for us....


Uttram motiyamchi ximpea pikol xetar

Mogachem roplem rovea porsa molleant...} 2

Sevneachim birim martolim bomvor

Raktolim xetam porsam bosun rukhar


Ainsachi zoddi koxi peumvya tolleant

Sopnachi niti rovumya mollba dollear...}..2

Mansugechi ritu jivitamchem gitu

Gavun dakouvya sonvsar fallea parar



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